Christopher Jenner Tuesday 08 Jan 2013

Continuing the development of the Christopher Jenner ‘home editions', Jenner presents the "Devisor" shelving collection.

"Devisor" is a testament to the owner, a personal platform of cherished curiosities. Marrying Italian craftsmanship and British design the collection is inspired by ancient oriental principles of balance and harmony and explores the nature of interaction and relationship.

Embodying simple engineering the pieces are defined by the use of seemingly opposing materials,

through which interconnected vertical and horizontal geometry, create dynamic display systems.

The shelves, shipped flat-packed with clear technical drawings and a bespoke Devisor key, offer a unique, Meccano-like pleasure of self assembly.

Democratic in form and material the collection finds a place in every home of every style. Indian Rosewood twined with Brushed Brass accentuates space with warmth and intimacy.

Pear Wood and Brushed Copper exude a cultivated elegance perfect for both urban and country spaces.

Oak and Stainless Steel present a minimalist aesthetic, framing space with geometric precision.

The shelves complement perfectly the newly released Devisor wallpaper collection.

Available for pre-order online at Shipping February 2013