Furnishing Fabrics and Wallpapers
Wednesday 12 Dec 2012

Furnishing Fabrics and Wallpapers

By Hermès

French luxury fashion house Hermès releases its new collection of fabrics and wallpapers in time for Christmas. The indulgent interior range fuses sumptuous material with unique designs. The horse motif that features in the range is described by Hermès as:

"Proud and free, released by a chance shaft of sunlight on the bookcase, a horse slips from

the pages of his epic tale, leaving his paper rider behind, galloping forth into new adventures of his own. The loyal steeds of Lancelot, d'Artagnan and the Cid step back through the looking-glass: now we see them, now we don't, between romances, epic ballads and the call of the wild forest. Nature wreathes them in garlands, ready to welcome her homecoming heroes. One shadow steps forward, and then another, and suddenly a wave of horses tumbles forth. Ten, twenty, thirty, fifty, a hundred?

A fiery host. On the ground, their horseshoe prints are all that remain of the enchanted charge."

Main Image - Finish jacquard fabric in linen and silk, colourway pumice grey.

Design: Jean-Louis Clerc. This damask jacquard with a double matt and glossy effect reveals in two-tone an exuberant horse race sketched from life.

Image 1 - Finish imprimé, print fabric in cotton, colourway Nattier blue. Design: Jean-Louis Clerc. A motion-packed horse race sketched from life.

Casaques fabric in linen, wool and cotton, colourway H red. This horizontal stripe, with its strength, allure and sobriety, evokes jockeys' silks.

Bibliothèque wallpaper, colourway Nattier blue. Design: Hugo Grygkar. Flat-bed printed in very wide strips (140 cm / 55 ins), the design evokes Émile Hermès's collection of equestrian books. The books themselves have been covered in the Bibliothèque fabric in cotton, colourway indigo.

Image 2 - Feuillage imprimé, print fabric in abaca, colourway clay. Design: Raoul Dufy. Taken from the original gouache by the French artist, painted in the 1950s, these large palm leaves intertwine on an abaca canvas (a fibre from banana tree that grows in the Philippines). The world of plants and nature created by the painter here finds full expression in the choice of materials.

Image 3 - Équateur imprimé, print fabric in cotton, colourway zénith.

Design: Robert Dallet. This iconic design by the naturalist painter, created 1988, presents a vision on a grand scale of equatorial flora and fauna.

Image 4 - Herringbone jacquard fabric in cotton and silk, colourway terracotta.

Design: Nigel Peake. The jacquard interpretation of this herringbone design with a raised motif produces a single-colour fabric with the pattern appearing in relief through the weave. A homage to the traditional weave associated with the equestrian world of Hermès.

Semis de H fabric in viscose, colourway cognac. Like links in the chain borrowed from the original Chaîne d'Ancre, the tiny H figures look like delicately placed jewels.

Palomino velvet fabric in cotton and cashmere, colourway pumpkin. This velvet enriched with cashmere is particularly voluptuous to the touch.

Image 5 - Equateur Imprime, colourway twilight, 100% cotton. Design: Robert Dallet.

Image 6 - Onde de Chic, colourway ebony, 100% silk. Design: Dimitri Ribalchenko.