Aviad Petel Friday 23 Nov 2012

This impressive chandelier, that starts at the ceiling and ends just above the floor, has a total length of 10 metres. It is balanced and attached at these two end points. The chandelier stem rolls upwards and projects a nine flower lamps (called GRAPPA) as it ascends. The lamps emerge from the stem at different heights and angles to provide light throughout the stairwell. The stem is made of rolled metal covered by cloth with random foldings. The design results in an interesting interplay between the stairwell and the organic plant that provides warm light atmosphere.


The design concept was aimed to be organic. The inspiration came from the climbing plant Ipomea tricolor, commonly known as morning glory that grows in the designer's garden. This plant has a gentle climbing stem from which colorful flowers emerge.


Aviad Petel acknowledges the following contributors to this project:

Interior Design: Avi Ifrach & Michael Azulay

Textile designer, Orit Barzelai

Designer, Avi Saina

Designer, Oren Berry

Photographer, Adi Likvornik