2750 Sóley
Kusch+Co Friday 09 Nov 2012

Cult folding chair 2750 Sóley: a classic reborn.

This out of the ordinary folding chair once again joins the ranks of the Kusch+Co line-up. To the great delight of many design enthusiasts and connoisseurs who value the artistic flair that this iconic design oozes. Sóley already staged its comeback in the spotlights of the Milan Design Week 2012 as integral part of a synthesis of arts, a collage of contract chairs.

Who would have thought? Back then, about 30 years ago, his puristic design received great acclaim. Sóley scooped the Roscoe Award in the USA and two Good Design Awards in Japan, won the title "Chair of the Year" in 1984, and was subsequently honoured by the Design-Center Stuttgart.

The construction of this one-of-a-kind folding chair is based on a simple principle: less is more! The circles of the seat and the back and the straight lines of the frame are the twin pillars onto which Sóley's geometry is founded. A minimalist design holding a great appeal.

These are opposite design features that attract; contrasts so typical of Iceland's nature.

Scorching heat, freezing cold. Precipitous cliffs with calm waters. Bright lights with dark shadows. The pair of opposites, consisting of sun and moon, is united into the design aesthetics - reflected in the circular seat and the lunate back. This design is reduced to the essence for maximum expressive power.

Simply beautiful. Enough said! Noble and slender. Design like a sculpture. Naturally, in the first place, Sóley is designed as seating. Its spell lies in its artistic design aesthetics, consisting of a circle, an arc, and straight lines. An appealing interplay of shapes. Back to basics. A nice contrast to the usual overload. Sóley pleases the eye. That is why this iconic design is so sought-after.

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Kusch+Co is an independent, family-owned business. They develop and produce top of the range contract seating for high-class interiors.

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