Caribbean Weave Mosaics
Indigenous Thursday 20 Sep 2012

Indigenous' new Caribbean Weave Design Mosaic from its surface range is ideal for bathroom feature walls. The new holiday-inspired stone mosaics create a wave-like natural surface in a spectrum of delicate seashell shades.  Their naturally bumpy format makes the mosaics easy to fix to even the most uneven walls, where they provide a practical surface with a strong coastal feel.

Formed from travertine fingers fixed to a netting sheet, the Caribbean Weave Design Mosaic has a distinct undulating surface.  Each tube-like finger has a narrow end and a wider end; the corresponding ends join together to create the weave design which is reinforced by the random colour pallet of mottled beige, pink, brown and grey.  Each mosaic sheet measures 280mm x 305mm x 5-15mm and is supplied unfinished.  A coat of suitable water and stain proofing sealant is recommended after fixing.