Herman Miller Ltd Tuesday 11 Sep 2012

Herman Miller introducesStemTMStorage: maximise the potential of space.

World Interiors News can exclusively announce that from 19 September 2012, Stem will join Herman Miller's market-leading furniture portfolio as a new integrated storage solution which offers a new view on space.

With a strong heritage of almost 100 years in the research and design of workspace products, Herman Miller have gained insight into what people need around them to make them work more efficiently, collaboratively and comfortably.  As the demands placed on the workplace increase, every element of the working environment needs to support the way we work more efficiently.  And storage is no exception. 

The thinking behind Stem started with storage and the space it uses.  The goal is to make space work harder, for both business and user. Stem achieves this by using a furniture system that acts as a multi-functional, integrated solution, to divide, connect, store and save. 

Inspired by simple office needs, Stem's modular units are made up of steel frames modelled on A4 binders, with differing dimensions which can be easily re-configured.

With the increasing popularity of agile working, Stem acknowledges the need for changes in space within the office. Multifunctional, Stem can be used as a simple storage solution, the means to divide group and community spaces or, when put at the centre of workplace, it can become an integrated furniture solution, that puts storage at the centre of planning, rather than at the end.

With a wide range of materials, colours and finishes, Stem presents architects and designers with new possibilities to enrich office environments, making them more beautiful, functional and personal.  Unit tops can be finished in wood or glass. Back panels can be dressed in steel, wood, pinnable board, woven blankets or even wipe boards. Doors can be mono, slider or tipper and made of acrylic, wood, steel or glass. Allowing the user to store the things they need day-to-day both personally and professionally, featuring tipper boxes that hold trainers, bike helmets and handbags. 

A key area for Herman Miller, Stem has been created with sustainability in mind, the cases are made of 100% recyclable steel and use a powder-coat finish with water-based stains.  On-site assembly means products are shipped flat-packed, reducing carbon footprint, with UK manufacturing cutting down the distance between factory and buyer.


Established in 1923, Herman Miller expanded beyond North America in the 1950's.  Since then, it has helped customers with the complex task of designing and planning global workplaces, in more than 100 countries. It has collaborated with leading and prolific designers and architects, such as Charles Eames, and continues to promote leading design innovation.