. Friday 07 Sep 2012

AND-RÉ, constantly concerned with the urban mobility, environmental sustainability and urban quality lifestyle issues, enthusiastically accepted the challenge of developing the design of the Public Bikes for the Portuguese city of Vilamoura.

The office was responsible for the overall design of the VILAMOURA PUBLIC BIKES, a system of shared bicycles which opened earlier this month.

The slick, light, white, pure and user friendly bike is a success among the citizens, that are massively adopting the bicycle system as primary means of transportation, changing the car for a ride in style.

The system is understood as part of an effective urban transport network in Vilamoura, a place of excellence for the use of bicycles. Vilamoura is a city of flat topography, with a mild climate throughout the year, extensive green spaces and a wide network of bikeways.

The current city philosophy, with several collaborations of AND-RÉ on various previous projects, consistently aims to the humanization of urban space, thereby returning the city to people.

Vilamoura offers now the possibility of using the bicycle as an effective alternative means of transport, throughout all the urban area.