Marc Fish Thursday 30 Aug 2012

Furniture designer Marc Fish amalgamates art, design and sculpture in his latest work, the Nautilus table.

Nautilus is an experimental piece that has embraced modern computer aided technology and combined it with innovative constructional techniques. The layering of over 4000 individual pieces of walnut and sycamore veneer has created the logarithmic spiral found within the Nautilus shell, a perfect natural form that never changes its proportions, no matter how large it grows.

Perfection in nature is often the source of Marc's inspiration. The table has a texture which replicates the outside of the shell, created by hand carving the fluted growth patterns. Inside a satin sheen has been created which runs smoothly round into the chambered area replicated in Japanese lace paper.

Nautilus is an edition of five, the first of which was awarded Guild Mark number 435 by the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers in 2011.

Marc's journey exploring the Victorian obsession with natural history continues with his Mollusque, 2012 table. Mollusque is an oversized representation of displayed artifacts, a common macabre pastime in the Victorian era. The complex technique Marc has developed for achieving a double compound curved solid wood item has been used before on the first two Nautilus shell tables. The combination of this new technique and the copper internal surface adds a new dimension of visual richness to his work.


Nautilus constructed from walnut, sycamore, glass, Japanese paper. Mollusque sycamore, glass, copper.


Nautilus 2000mm x 1500mm x 450mm. Mollusque 1500mm x 1100 x 450mm glass height.