. Thursday 23 Aug 2012

Treviso-based furniture design company Arper open their London showroom in September 2012 and present their two new collections: Juno and Saya.

These two collections differ quite dramatically in terms of style and material yet both are entirely reflective of Arper’s commitment to systems and adaptability.

Saya: Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, Saya takes its inspiration from nature and a sense of ‘home’ – it evokes feelings of warmth through its material and life in its form. It’s a striking and unique graphic sign, rendered in wood. Its graceful curves resemble that of a small animal – a deer - with four legs and an arching neck.

Arper sees the chair as something of a manifesto, an ode to wood and a celebration of the organic. It’s about using fluid, expressive lines to create something inviting. The shape of the chair’s back is a gesture – like a spread of the arms to invite an embrace.

With an oak veneer, Saya’s colour finishes include natural, white, black, ochre, teak and three shades of red which complement individual or group use. Designed with residential and corporate uses in mind, Saya fits into every environment like all Arper products. The legs are also customisable in the Arper tradition in wood or chrome.

Juno: Designed by James Irvine, Juno is Arper’s vision for the future of the plastic chair – with the design concept closer to that of a solid wood chair. It is Arper’s first piece made entirely of gas-assisted injection-molded polypropylene. Cast in a single form, it is incredibly light in silhouette, weight and impact. It is simple and uniform but not without personality – an exciting expression of the technology used to develop Juno, whilst remaining true to the fluidity and beauty of all Arper products.

Juno is all about efficiency and versatility. It’s ideal for both residential and corporate environments, both indoor and outdoor. This singular, simple shape is available in five colours – white, sand, anthracite, orange, yellow – with closed or open back, with or without armrests. It can also be customised with sleek upholstery for the seat and backrest, with all variations stackable to allow for large-scale use and storage.

Arper will be opening a new showroom later this year.