Marco Stefanelli Wednesday 22 Aug 2012

Italian Designer, Marco Stefanelli, breathes new life into disused wood blocks with his innovative and sustainable lighting designs.

The Brecce Collection takes inspiration from natural objects that, in some way, have reached their final step of the life cycle. He collects the raw material from diverse locations such as sawmills, urban architecture, drift wood, river logs and firewood. In his workshop, Stefanelli gives the wood blocks a second chance, tempting light from the material through the use of cuts and bulbs, in an effort to amplify the sensory experience associated with the object.

The result is a cluster of rustic stools and floor lights, slashed with ochre light and infused with a woody sensuousness. Stefanelli's latest addition consists of a cedar wood block and blown glass dome, a lamp he will showcase at 100% Design London next month.