Paola Croso Tuesday 21 Aug 2012

Studio Passalacqua, founded by fine artist and colourist Jejo Cornelsen and designer Paola Croso, is about passion for the simple, colours, and the old crafts that belong within the home.

The Studio is launching its first series of encaustic tiles which stand out for the simplicity of their lines and the subtleness of their warm colour palette.

The first series by Passalacqua called 'Cerchi' (circles in italian), revives the circle , the sphere, the round shapes with a retro modernist touch in its colour combinations.

The traditional and memorable triangle, flag-shaped forms also bring a renewed spirit in the panels where all the variants of the triangle and colours are combined in a beautifully artistic manner.

These two artists have partnered with the most ancient and renowned encaustic tile factory in Brasil in order to bring the highest quality and expertise into its designs. With age- old techniques brought by ancestors coming from Italy, it uses as main tool a metal frame typically built by a crafted jeweller, using the necessary precision before being filled in with the liquid pigmented cement. This frame bears the design and it fits perfectly inside its grid before having its gaps filled in with coloured liquid cement and pressed.

This hand- made process demands precision and patience. It involves few materials like marble dust, cement and natural pigments . Each tile is made one by one, put to dry on metal shelves before being imersed in cold water, which will give its finishing moisture touch before hardening. A one month span is what it takes to be cured before being packed and distributed.

Studio Passalacqua is also launching a new brand of clay paint, 100% organic, that has been developed over the last 10 years after thourough studies on the Brazilian earths and pigments.