Hyeonil Jeong Monday 20 Aug 2012

"No matter how stiff each piece is, flexible relation makes an smooth flow. Its elastic connection allows an organic surface movement despite the rigidity of ply-wood material."

Through this design, Hyeonil Jeong tried to build an amusing structure which provides a un-expected experience to users. He did want to present a piece of furniture which has two faced characteristic: looking solid but working flexible.

As each little part is designed with slight upward arch and pointed edge and weaved with elastic bungee cord, when the stool is unoccupied, the overall appearance is a bit unfriendly to seat on, but when one takes a seat, It makes a strong texture underneath the seating surface providing a comfortable support.

This interesting piece of furniture is made with CNC cut parts out of a 4' x 8' plywood sheet and heavy duty bungee cord.