Kruskopf & Kuisma Monday 20 Aug 2012

Drapery vases by Kruskopf & Kuisma are made by sewing the shape of a flower vase/pot in fabric, which is then hardened with resin.

A plaster mould is taken from the hardened model and the final piece in cast in ceramics with clear glazing on the inside. Drapery collection is a series of vases inspired by the delicate, momentary nature of fabrics. Kruskopf & Kuisma’s intention was to imitate the natural beauty of fabric and apply it's characteristics to another material (in this case ceramics).

The main challenge in the project was being on the edge of man’s ability to shape an object, as the resin soaked fabric behaves in a particular way and cannot be shaped exactly as you would want to while maintaining a natural look.

They could only create the outline of the product and let the model dry in the shape most natural to it. Vases are hand made in Finland in collaboration with the designers’ colleague Arttu Kuisma.