Alexander Pelikan Monday 20 Aug 2012

Alexander Pelikan has designed ‘Cliclounger Set’, made of European cherry wood, Pilkington extra clear glass, and manufactured by using the most advanced production technique of CNC diamond milling.

Pelikan says of his project, “In CLICFURNItURe I translated the ideas of the modernists into the digital age. The CLICFURNItURe is craftsmanship of the digital age - uniting pure function with material beauty.

In a world where most products are mere sleek and shiny surfaces it became a necessity for me to recollect myself to the humbleness of craftsmanship. In CLICFURNItURe made from wood and glass, I show the power of what I call ‘digital craftsmanship’. Using everything that is technically possible and combining that with skillful handwork opened up new horizons to create exciting products to design a lounge chair and a fitting table was logical for me - while lounging and enjoying your leisure time these products tell their story best.”