Mini Moderns Tuesday 07 Aug 2012


Mini Moderns glam it up with their butterfly kaleidoscope, 'Camberwell Beauty' - the first wallpaper to launch from their forthcoming 2012 collection, entitled 'The Buddha of Suburbia'.

Mini Moderns designers Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire explain how the new design came about: "For our new collection we've gone back to the decade we grew up in - the 1970s. It was a period of transition for British culture - when Biba and Bowie gave way to bin-bags and Buzzcocks. The design has a decadent look that reflects the start of the decade, whilst the symbol of the butterfly acts as a visual metaphor for the cultural transformation we associate with the period."

In addition, the subject matter is very personal to the design duo, since the Mini Moderns studio is based in Camberwell, London. "We've always been amused that a rare species of butterfly was named after what is now considered such an urban area."

The large-scale print features butterflies with wings formed from calligraphic script. The exuberant type in each pair of wings spells out the name of the butterfly species, with the four depicted chosen for being rarely seen in the British Isles. The pair describe the look as Edwardian Psychedelic.

'Camberwell Beauty' is the first print to be launched from the Mini Moderns 2012 collection, 'The Buddha of Suburbia'. The collection explores a diverse range of aesthetic influences that can be traced back to the 1970s - a period that set the template for the uniquely British culture mash-up we enjoy today.

'Camberwell Beauty' will be available in three colourways, Jet & Gold, Midnight & Lido and Stone. The wallpaper comes in 10m x 52cm rolls printed with waterbased inks on paper from sustained forests.


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