CrousCalogero Monday 30 Jul 2012

The inspiration for the designer of this lamp is balloons.

When we are young, we all love them. When we are old, we can still bring back the child in us and enjoy the beauty of those balloons we had everyday but in a different approach, through the Balloon lamp.

Designed by CrousCalogero for Estiluz, this lamp mimics the look of the balloon as well as its floating ability. The Balloon lamp looks stylish and playful enough to be in the bedroom or the living room. It comes in two different versions wherein one is wall mounted, while the other version is mounted on the ceiling. The wall-mount version of the balloon lamp has the red cable as its switch.

The lamp is made of polyethylene, which enables it to produce warm, soft, and elegant illumination. The moment we install the lamp in our house, it will definitely bring back the feeling of losing a balloon and found it trapped on the ceiling during our younger years.