Roland Rom Colthoff Friday 27 Jul 2012

Raw Architecture Workshop's Modular Bar has been designed for a rooftop in Hackney, providing an easy and efficient solution to a common problem - the temporary bar. With the current vogue for ‘pop-up' or impermanent venues, including many of those which will be used in the Games this summer, there has been a greater demand for innovative temporary furniture which is as stylish and well-designed as the events which it graces.

In its Modular Bar, RAW propose an elegant solution, the simple design of which allows it to be arranged and decorated in a manner in keeping with its venue.  Weighing less than 35kg, the bar can be lifted by just two people. Coupled with this, its neat dimensions allow each unit to be transported in the smallest of small vans making it a fantastic alternative to the unwieldy bars or make-shift tables of the past.

Designed to be efficient in every respect, the prototype is constructed using materials which are all readily available from any builders' merchant and cost a total of £107 per unit. RAW have created a family of unit types including a bar, a desk, a table, a seat, a bench and a speaker unit. Units can be added or subtracted and arranged to suit a venue with ease.

The bar also incorporates removable / interchangeable backlit front panels which can be laser cut to represent any branding or imagery. RAW's prototype shows a barley field, referencing the raw material for malt whisky.

"We absolutely had to design something which ticks every box in terms of versatility, low cost and ease of use" says Michael Fostiropoulos, of RAW Architecture Workshop. "Modular Bar does this but is also a really simple, beautiful object".