Andres Serpa Monday 23 Jul 2012

LATINA LOUNGE Chair is made of steel with a lightly curved silhouette inspired by the natural curves of the Latin woman.

It was created for interiors and fits well into open-air spaces, providing a touch of elegance and modernity. The chair is a highly durable product & is adaptable to the most extreme climates around the world due to its high resistant steel & will maintain its integrity for up to 50 years.

The idea behind the design is simply to recycle and convert left over construction material. Standard measurements are 1.22m x 2.44m inch cut with a width of 0.61m. Through the use of curves and straight lines, the design finds shape with a singular sheet of steel. The result: two chairs per sheet without wasting material on cuttings, providing a very efficient manufacturing process.

Its two continual elements of support and weight give it great stability for two people. The cantilevered chair with light angles provides a comfortable position to its user in multiple postures. From a profile view the chair seems to disappear, given its thin gauge and provides the illusion of the seated person being elevated and at the same time changes the common perception of the chair itself.

LATINA LOUNGE Chair can be enjoyed in myriad settings; coffee shops, hotels, homes, terraces, gardens and even public spaces due to its permanence. Its modular design permits multiple chairs to be aligned in the form of a sofa of variable lengths, widening its range of uses and allowing it to adapt to other spaces such as urban parks and airports.

The glossy black colour permits the chair to literally reflect its surrounding environment, provoking the question: which material is that – is it a mirror, is it glass? The sleek and elegant profile allow the chair to seamlessly fit into virtually any space. Given its simple characteristics, the chair can be covered with leather, fabrics & recycled plastics or rubber, allowing for personal touches to its new owner.

Designer: Andres Serpa

Material: Recycled steel

Photography: Henry Arroyo

designer biog

Andres Serpa

<br> Andres Serpa, is founder and creative vision on all projects of Serpa Arquitectura. <p> The Costa Rica based firm is a highly skilled team of expert in all aspects of the design process. Serpa transcends the scope of a purely architectural practice by engaging professionally in the fields of landscaping, interior- and furniture design. The practice represents a composite body of expertise, centred on architecture but with disciplinary extensions that make the conceptual scope wider and the range of possible commissions greater. <p> Serpa is an innovative, forward thinker and trend setter, leading all design projects at the firm which span a broad spectrum of programmatic requirements, budgets and building types, as well as geographies. His background includes a variety of project types that span urban planning, mixed use, custom homes, commercial, retail, luxury multifamily condominiums, entertainment, educational facilities and hotels. Serpa is a Architect and Urbanist graduated in Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a licensed Architect in Costa Rica. <P> Serpa cultivated his professional training at several firms located in Argentina and Costa Rica, while developing a design sense based on a physical as well as spiritual contextual sensitivity. The goal is to conjugate innovation and research with a professional completeness able to respond to complex programs at any scale, employing, when needed, a well-established network of specialized consultants. <P>