Limahl Asmall - MacMaster Design Thursday 19 Jul 2012

MacMaster’s contemporary lighting and furniture is designed in-house by Alex MacMaster and Limahl Asmall, and is exclusively Hand-Crafted in their production workshop nestled in the rolling countryside of Worcestershire, Great Britain. The environment is ‘traditional meets modern’ with state of the art technology side by side with 1970’s, Wadkins and Sedgewick cast iron machinery lovingly restored to its former glory. A small showroom is located in the London premises, housed in a design district, which overlooks the Thames.

The dictum ‘minimal waste for maximum output’ informs an ecological awareness that permeates the design and production cycles. “The challenge is therefore to create impactful and strikingly beautiful furniture and lighting that adheres to ecological values and principles.” The products, whilst technically challenging, are hand-produced using exacting techniques learned and adapted from the world’s finest traditional craftsmen.

The Bloom pendant light is made from 100% FSC certified Birch Plywood and is available in natural Birch and a range of stained colours. The curved form that is a signature aesthetic of MacMaster is created without the use of glued laminations but is formed from flat interlocking sheets, which create a curvaceous form due to the way, they slot into the upper and lower columns. The light radiates through and along the thin leaves creating a graduated display of luminescence and colour.

Hand-made to order in MacMaster’s Worcestershire workshop, the Bloom is a sustainable and ecologically sound product. Available in two sizes.