Coffee Shop Furniture
Chalk Architecture Ltd. Friday 13 Jul 2012

The growth in independent coffee houses shows no sign of slowing.

The owners are typified by free spirited, high energy, creative characters that are each looking to do something a little different and make something a little better. Whilst developing the interior concept for a local coffee business (Small Batch Coffee Company - we needed to source a family of stools that would suit the robust & honest materiality of the interior narrative, be robust enough to withstand the high turnover of covers and fit a very limited budget.

We weren't able to find the right fit for the brand, so we developed the Coffee Shop Furniture range. The pieces are crafted from standard sizes of solid Oak, with a few simple touches of geometry to the legs and the sides of the seat. A seat pad was necessary for the bar stool and chair back to add an element of colour and comfort.

Critically no spares were ordered for any of the sites, which on the face of it could have been a cost cut too far, however the furniture's materiality comes into play: The stool is knocked off a table during cleaning, the back breaks. No problem, its dowled and glued back together with little evidence; A customer spills an expresso over the seat and doesn't mention it, the seat is stained. No problem, the chairs are only oiled, not lacquered, so with a bit of light sanding and re-oiling, its good as new.

The furniture's sustainability is derived from its simplicity in terms of its materiality & styling, which as a result also limit the fabrication cost. Naturally finished wood needs care, but with care the stool will last a very long time.