Blainey North Collection
Blainey North Thursday 12 Jul 2012

The Blainey North Collection has been created with the same precise detailing and timeless style that has marked Blainey North & Associates' projects in the architectural and interior sphere over the past decade.

Our fine furniture draws on history in style, creating a refined and considered form by employing a range of techniques rarely used in the present day.

The Collection takes inspiration from some of the greats of 1920's literature and film; translating each personality into a design by interpreting the individuals characteristics and distilling it into a piece that is timeless and distinct.

From the first sketch and initial bespoke design, through to the procurement of superior materials and meticulous master craftsmanship, each piece in the Blainey North Collection is considered. The furniture is unique, with strikingly balanced combinations of lacquered timber, fine metal detailing, luxurious leather and exceptional fabric. Fabrics are selected on the basis of their natural fibre content and leathers are sourced from leading edge tanneries who are committed to implementing the world's best practices in environmental protection and responsibility.