WXY Architecture and Urban Design Monday 09 Jul 2012

The Zipper Bench is a reinvention of a familiar element: it transforms a man-made structure into a landscape element, reinforcing the landscape for which it is designed.

The Zipper Bench strives to encourage social interaction between any different number of people gathering, relaxing and engaging. As the Bench snakes towards trees, the flat plane allows for multiple sitting positions on either side of the bench simultaneously. It rises effortlessly towards the tree and unzips around the trunk, embracing the landscaping while providing shifting views and vantage points.

These long splits around trees are dual purpose, providing seating for many individuals while protect the trees. The tailored elements of the bench design allow for many arrangements and gently accommodate straight and curved planting edges. The essential design of the bench is consistent throughout the multitude of configurations: a back rises from a rippling seat and flourishes from low to high, embracing its adjacent landscaping.

The Benches are made of powder-coated steel, using computer-controlled manufacturing technology which gives direct control over the fabrication of the subtly differentiated multiples. The Zipper Bench presents a new form of seating by allowing many individuals to experience different vantage points while presenting an object that is sculpturally responsive to the landscaped context.