WXY Architecture and Urban Design Monday 09 Jul 2012

The NYC 2030 Drinking Fountain envisions a drinking fountain that embraces public drinking water and encourages bottle filling.

Inspired by Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC 2030 program to make the city’s amenities more sustainable, the fountain brings design creativity and sustainability to public water consumption. The fountain’s design eliminates traditional elements that often require maintenance: the basin and the drain. By requiring no drain, it solves the perennial problem of blockages and overflowing thus reducing maintenance costs.

Additionally, rather than overloading the sewer system, the fountain drains directly into a filter, with potential to contribute to the city’s green space by draining into a planter or swale. Its sculptural form is created by a single piece of metal resembling a bent drinking straw. The inclined trough-like surface encourages people to not only take a sip, but also refill their water bottles.

The carefully calibrated geometry of the bend ensures that water flows along the streamlined surface towards the ground. The design of the NYC 2030 Drinking Fountain embraces and promotes New York City water while encouraging sustainability through the use of refillable containers and routing excess water into nearby plantings.