Dubarch Monday 09 Jul 2012

This multi-purpose coffee table by Amir Rahbar is designed to create the illusion of equilibrium with less than required points of support, similar to the equilibrist's act in a circus.

The whole table looks as though it is resting on one out of the usual four required to support the table. This is achieved by recessing the support to a concentric mirror polished cylinder recessed inside the body of the table, thus releasing the sides to create the illusion of balance on one point of contact to the ground.

The prototype table is manufactured polished and brushed bless steel and acid etched safety glass for low maintenance and sustainability. The size of the table allows manufacturing it from a single standard sheet of stainless steel and glass to reduce wastage during manufacturing process. The table can be manufactured from any material suitable for mass production.

The table top can be lit with LED or small fluorescent tubes to double as a floor light in a living room. All fittings are from within the table so the minimalist design is maintained with no seams joints visible on the body of the table.