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OPS- a chair and a rocker in one.

Combining style, creativity and functionality, this piece designed by Jonas Jurgaitis, proves to be highly universal both in terms of adaptability to various tastes and interiors, and in terms of use – be it for working, or for rocking. There is no precedent for this rocking chair that can seat two people in great comfort.

Ops is a chair that combines seating philosophies of East and West- on one hand, a person sits on soft folding pillows near ground (association with Oriental culture), on the other - Ops is a distant descendant of a rocking chair which became very popular in America inthe 18th century.

One of the main strengths of this piece of furniture is its simple construction. There are two main components that constitute a highly functional furniture- plywood frame covered with HR polyurethane and six polyurethane pillows that can be easily removed or put to another location in order to create a comfortable sitting position. Ops also has an additional support which helps to fix it in one position and make a chair out of a rocker. Clever construction and efficient use of materials facilitates production, and makes the furniture more sustainable.

The exceptionality of Ops - ability to adapt to various tastes and interiors.Variations of fabrics and accessories have helped to create different looks for this rocking chair- from a hippy looks to more sophisticated and luxurious style It is a piece of furniture for people of all age groups.

Each element of Ops is created to contribute to a greater comfort and pleasure of the sitter. The plywood frame is very strong and wide enough to allow several people to swing on it (children can even swing while sitting on the opposite sides of the furniture), elegant wooden legs allow to use Ops as a chair; the pillows are easily adjustable to create the comfort of sitting and comes in variety of colors and patterns which helps to personalize Ops. Because of concave construction, a person sits “deeply” in the rocking chair which removes tension from feet and allows them to rest. Moreover, Ops is a furniture that is easy to maintain- the pillows are zippered and can be easily washed; high quality of materials warrant reliability and durability.

In March 2012, Ops was awarded 1st place for the best living room furniture in the International Furniture Fair in Singapore. The judging criteria were based on creativity, function, material and marketability of the product.

Rational minimalism in construction, very high adaptability and potential for variations in terms of design makes this rocking chair unique.

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Sedes regia, UAB

Producer of upholstered furniture Sedes Regia began its activity in 1992. Until 1996 the company was known as Jurga Design. It started from the idea to create and make a piece of upholstered seating with metal framework. Forms of such furniture can be most unexpected, perfectly suitable in various interiors, giving a sense of comfort, and its stability is guaranteed. Besides, such type of furniture well fitted Sedes Regia (from Latin – king’s bench) concept: valued not for its superficial gloss, but for unexpected functionality of form and comfort, as it is the furniture which gives sense of freedom.

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