akke woodworks, ltd. Monday 09 Jul 2012

Niles Eldredge and Stephen J. Gould's Theory of Punctuated Equilibrium proposes that most species exhibit little evolutionary variation for most of their history until rare and rapid events create significant changes.

Akke Functional Art like to believe that the creation of this ping pong table is one of these events. This piece is beautiful to look at and serves a practical purpose, achieving their aesthetic of combining functionality with art. The ping pong table is regulation-size and is designed to convert to a dining table, for up to twelve, by removing the net.

It is constructed from ten species of wood, reclaimed plumbing pipes and fittings, glass, mirror, steel, aircraft cable, and Edison reproduction light bulbs, all adding up to a unique element of modern design. Akke have incorporated live and finished edge wood with metal and glass in an exploration of the dynamic between natural and industrial elements.

The warm glow of the light bulbs highlight the live edges of the black walnut, cherry, and holly slabs. This organic element is in stark contrast to the pipes that pierce through them. The mirrored edges add a touch of whimsy to this massive piece. Their objective is to build pieces that inspire and provoke. Although it is a one-off and they will not reproduce it, they have been approached by multiple clients with interest in commissioning similar pieces.