Reda Amalou Friday 06 Jul 2012

Reda Amalou Design created the Egg Table as an outdoor table, but it has multiple uses.

It is intended as a ‘soft’ object that should be used as one feels. Its rounded edges and gentle curves make you want to touch it. Thus it is used as a coffee table, a side table or as stool. Its recognisable egg shape had already given it a strong identity and this is prolonged by the idea of multi function outdoor object which gives it an even stronger presence. Its shape makes it easy to use and sit next to other pieces of furniture without disturbing ‘their space’.

Reda Amalou’s design strategy was to use only one material, recycled hardwood, and to use the simplest possible form of assembly. In this case, it was wood spacers and screws. The result is a series of concentric rings spaced to form the subtle, sensual curved shape and a flat top that make up the table. The construction of the object is taken to its simplest form, which, they believe, give it this strength: the egg table exists only by itself with no supporting gimmicks.

Once the first models, in recycled timber were done, it became obvious that the same object could be designed for indoors. The materials could be changed, and new models were designed with shiny lacquer finish. These were suddenly more ‘urban’ objects. Currently Reda Amalou are working on a series of other finishes such as leather, chrome plated, etc. The function and the aesthetics of it have taken over. The materials have become a ‘dressing’ of the function without altering the inherent qualities of the table.