Olson Kundig Architects Thursday 05 Jul 2012

The Black Table is a single piece of furniture in the Tom Kundig Collection, a steel accessories line designed by Tom Kundig.

With an aesthetic that highlights the beauty of raw steel--the table is fabricated from a folded steel plate and blackened with a wax finish-the design is ideal for people looking for simple, thoughtful, well-crafted and unpretentious products.

The Tom Kundig Collection as a whole aims to offer an alternative to the overworked aesthetic often found in interior accessories and furniture. While the table is simple, it provides a rewarding experience as it represents the idea of the collection at its most elemental level. It is honest about its simplicity, how it is made and what it is made from.

The table is fabricated by 12th Avenue Iron in Seattle and is available in three sizes: console table, coffee table and as a low shelf. While hand crafted, locally produced products will likely never be as inexpensive as mass produced products, it was important to support the local Seattle economy and the incredible craftspeople in the region.