Four-O-Nine Tuesday 03 Jul 2012

The PLEAT series of furniture was designed by FOUR-O-NINE, the award-winning, emerging practice of Lukasz Kos and Andrei Zerebecky.

The series consists of the PLEAT Diner, PLEAT Lounger and the ZERO WASTE Coffee Table. The collection was inspired byfolding techniques wherein pleating a piece of fabric or paper not only provides the piece with shape and aesthetics but can also provide the inherent structure for something as functional and tailored to the human body as a garment of clothing. Hence the pieces are a flawless integration of form, comfort and structure,like Giorgio Armani's flat-front suit pants. The Lounger and Diner chairs are brake-formed and welded aluminum pieces formed for supreme ergonomics, engaging shape and ultimate quality.

The PLEAT Diner features a dramatic cantilevered seat with a formal upright backrest, pleated in the center to cradle and support the spine and seat. These high quality hand crafted pleats compose to form a versatile original chair with an unmistakably distinctive character. The PLEAT Diner is ideal grouped around a dining or boardroom table, lending a sleek modern aesthetic to any interior environment.

The wider PLEAT Lounger has a lower seat and a deceivingly comfortable reclined posture which envelops the body with its accommodating proportions. Like the Diner, the PLEAT Lounger features a cantilevered seat which challenges our normal perception of structure and physics. The resulting profile is as dramatic and stylish as it is comfortable.

In the case of the ZERO WASTE coffee table, the goal was to design a piece of furniture which did not produce any off-cuts or waste in the production process.Utilizing the same logic as the PLEAT chairs, The ZERO WASTE Coffee Table is formed by carefully pleating aluminum into a bold and functional shape. We took a standard sized sheet of aluminum and found that after dividing the sheet into three equal pieces, we could brake-form one of those pieces five times and create this stunningly simple table base. The base supports a tempered glass table top cut to the same dimensions as the raw aluminum we started with. Thus the glass top is a ‘ghost’ of its base, leaving a trace of the original aluminum material in its virgin form. The resultingaccordion shape of the base’s structural pleats provides display or storage space for books and magazines.

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Andrei Zerebecky and Lukasz Kos co-founded FOUR O NINE in 2011. Zerebecky and Kos bring together a sensibility that explores the boundaries of the prosaic and poetic. In a very short period of time, Andrei and Lukasz have garnered substantial successes in Asia. They have completed their first built project, a storefront for a contemporary furniture store. Their first line of furniture products was chosen to participate in the

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