Four-O-Nine Tuesday 03 Jul 2012

The ECLIPSE MIRROR was designed by FOUR-O-NINE, the award-winning, emerging practice of Lukasz Kos and Andrei Zerebecky.

Taking cues from the cultural significance of the moon in Asian culture, the eclipse critiques the continued evolvement of modern aesthetics towards an automated, computer-generated world. The ECLIPSE finds its inspiration in nature and the sublime phenomena we observe and admire with awe. It reminds us of our place within the larger system of our Universe – one which is infinite and mysterious, but which we must respect and preserve.

The ECLIPSE mirror is a dramatic interior wall accessory for exclusive interiorenvironments. The circular wall-mounted piece is sandblasted with a special process that removes the reflective finish from the mirror. This creates a faded edge to the mirror which visually de-materializes the circular edge of the piece. Thus the mirror gradually fades from fully reflective to a clear frosted glass finish, blending into the wall and allowing light from behind to peer through. The resultant effect creates a soft, foggy boundary to one’s reflection which plays with our perception of depth and surface.

When illuminated, the concealed LED halo of light glows softly from behind, giving the mirror an entrancing quality which draws the viewer closer. Combined with the mirror’s soft transition from opacity to transparency, the piece casts a unique dramatic wash of light onto any wall and emulates the celestial phenomenon of a solar eclipse.

ECLIPSE Mirror is wall-mounted with a concealed aluminum base and equipped with a dimmable LED light source. The mirror measures 1 meter in diameter.

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Andrei Zerebecky and Lukasz Kos co-founded FOUR O NINE in 2011. Zerebecky and Kos bring together a sensibility that explores the boundaries of the prosaic and poetic. In a very short period of time, Andrei and Lukasz have garnered substantial successes in Asia. They have completed their first built project, a storefront for a contemporary furniture store. Their first line of furniture products was chosen to participate in the

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