Steve Leung Tuesday 03 Jul 2012

Inspired by precious Chinese ink stones, one of the four treasures of the study, the vanity collection- INKSTONE reveals an understated Asian beauty by Steve Leung Designers, and wisdom for well being.

Chinese calligraphy is one of the traditional art forms which have a prominent presence throughout the Chinese history. Through the form, presentation, style and way of handling brushes, ink, ink stones and paper, calligraphy as a work of art conveys the moral integrity, character, emotions, aesthetics and culture to the power of appeal and joy of beauty.

The designer believes that present human needs in life are different from those of the past. Apart from functionality, modern people also put emphasis on aesthetics and personal experience. Therefore, Leung integrated the beauty of ink stones and the wisdom of calligraphy into this vanity collection through a skillful adaption of its colour, shape and texture. Together with the sophisticated millstone craftsmanship, the natural texture and beauty of stones are fully illustrated. Minimal decoration, simple form, elegant details and just-right proportion fully capture the essence of the art of calligraphy; it is natural while alluding to Chinese heritage and culture with its spirit.

INKSTONE unifies ancient wellness philosophies with the beauty of artistic expression for a sublime bathroom experience.