Team Tokushima Tuesday 03 Jul 2012

Since the times when Samurai wandered the streets, Tokushima’s name has been known all over Japan for its wood products.

Having its origins especially from old Buddhist altars and make-up tables, the expertise born from this trade continues to live on in the many manufacturers of Tokushima.

Team Tokushima is releasing an original Tokushima furniture brand. They will produce tables, chairs, traditional sliding doors, paper doors and furniture made from solid beech wood. This UZU table is imprinted in the center with the designer's unique spiral pattern, which is processed by a numerical control router- impossible to process manually.

The UZU table is designed for the changing, modern, urban lifestyle and can be used many ways. It is an assemblage table set with package and comes in 16 different variations. It is coated with 100% plant-organic oil.

designer biog

Team Tokushima

In July 2009, Team Tokushima was created by Tokushima prefecture bringing four companies together with the goal of showcasing modern Japanese furniture to the world as “Tokushima Modern”.

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