Antoine Schapira Tuesday 03 Jul 2012

The ENDGRAIN COMMODE is a sustainable homage to the veneered cabinets made by Antoine Schapira’s artisan ancestors.

Schapira’s training as an ebeniste at the Ecole Boulle in Paris, gave him a profound respect for all of the traditional skills and precious veneers associated with making fine French furniture. He still works with traditional veneers but after setting up his own custom hand-made furniture studio in metropolitan New York, he has been inspired to use local fruitwoods gathered as fallen branches from trees in Central Park and the upstate forests of the Catskill Mountains.

For the ENDGRAIN COMMODE shown here, he has created his own modern and sustainable homage to the veneered cabinets made by his artisan ancestors. The effect of the endgrain of local fruitwood branches embedded in resin is meant to resemble a large pile of firewood and the 3 / 4 inch steel cable (visible in the side view) wraps around the entire pile as if to secure it.

The slate top can be considered the hearthstone. The barrel-shaped sides are appropriately created with oak boards. The three graduated drawers are accessed by pulls that give the appearance of being solid steel rods that stretch in an unbroken line from top to bottom and are minimalist complements to the contemporary steel legs at the base. The resin matrix can be any color, here it is very dark grey and the cabinet surround is black lacquer.

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Antoine Schapira

New York-based, French furniture designer Antoine Schapira trained at the famous Ecole Boulle in Paris in the art of fine cabinetmaking called ébènisterie. He designs and hand crafts extraordinarily detailed and exquisitely finished contemporary wood furniture using highly skilled and imaginative applications of veneer, enamel, gilding and marquetry. Custom sizes and commissions accepted.