Vitamin Tuesday 03 Jul 2012

The Needle lamp is an adjustable low-power LED table lamp for use in the home environment.

It presents a new and playful aesthetic in lighting that doesn't compromise on functionality or usability. A precision lens directs light into a focused and controlled area, adjusted simply by touching and sliding a finger along the base of the lamp. A unique 3-position design allows the angle of the lamp to be changed depending on its use; from a task light to a relaxed up lighter, whilst the ball of cable conceals a damped hinge for adjusting the head angle.

It is possible to rotate the head a full 350 degrees for full control of the light source. The precision cast and polished needles contrast with the accent colours of the cable, with 6 bold colours available to complement any interior, including grey, yellow, blue, orange, green and red, using high powered LEDs. The product size is 44x56x10cm.