Officeline Tuesday 03 Jul 2012

Lei – the world’s first office chair for women.

The inherent beauty of the masculine and feminine forms is one of the most fundamental and inspirational ideas expressed in art throughout time. Curious by nature, Officeline therefore set out to solve a mystery: why are these differences recognized and celebrated in the world of art and aesthetics, yet often ignored in the practical professional arenas where people move, function and work? Men are generally straighter, taller, and heavier; women are shorter, lighter and more curvaceous. So wouldn’t such different bodies benefit from different kinds of support from an office chair?

Extensive research confirmed what Officeline set out to understand; women do in fact sit differently than men. It marked the start of a collaboration with internationally renowned designer Monica Forster, who is known not only for her excellent sense of pure form and scrupulous technical approach, but also for the intention she brings to her work, where each piece is the expression of a certain idea. The results of her efforts have culminated in Lei, an office chair tailored to the specific ergonomic requirements for female posture, making it feminine in terms of function and support, but classic in every other sense.

Lei’s purposeful and elegant design is deeply confident and robust, without being overwhelming in any way. There is nothing superfluous about Lei – the levers that often protrude from the seat pans of normal office chairs have been transformed into a minimalistic and easy-to-reach scroll wheel.

Forster incorporates extraordinary high-tech solutions into a final result that is a profoundly satisfying result both in terms of form and user comfort. The chair is covered in modest, versatile shades of lemon, bourgogne, dark pigeon blue or warm grey. Its features and form exude a deep reliability and self-assuredness, fitting effortlessly into any environment.