Axel Yberg Monday 02 Jul 2012

The top of this game table is constructed from a reclaimed stainless steel stair stringer, 2" thick black walnut, and live edge white oak connected from underneath, by a steel frame.

Made by Axel Yberg for a designer to showcase in a design exhibition, the legs are made from rips of seven different species of wood encased in brushed steel. Named "By A String" because it is made from a stringer, this piece is part of his second collection titled, "Second Chances". The pieces in this collection are made primarily from reclaimed material, because, as Yberg says, "Just as all people deserve an opportunity to reinvent themselves, everything deserves a second chance for usefulness- even if the new application is entirely different from its original purpose."

Yberg believes in constant personal improvement, and so from this collection, using the same principle, he developed a limited edition, small-lot, custom furniture line, called akke 780, that he will release later this year.