Axel Yberg Monday 02 Jul 2012

Movie Stars, a project designed by Axel Yberg, was commissioned by an avid collector of modern art.

After winning a charity auction for one of his custom pieces (which became Bo Biddley), he commissioned this as an additional piece. Axel was asked to create a low shelving unit that could hold books and store audio-visual components. In light of the fact that the television is covered by a painting when it is not in use, Movie Stars stores and hides all components. Eight electrical wires weave through a complex combination of plumbing fittings. The stars that house the components are supported, on both the bottom and top, by threaded pipes connected to flanges. While spinning the stars (in either direction), one pipe loosens and the other tightens, acting as a stop to prevent over-spinning the electrical wires.

Prior to construction, the client asked that he deliver both pieces before Rosh Hashanah. With this in mind, he used Jewish symbolism as the inspiration for Movie Stars. Rosh Hashanah is the holiest time for those of the Jewish faith, characterized by self-reflection. The mirrors were added to symbolize this. The stars are based on the Star of David with each of the six points are divided in half with a steel rod. He later learned that the important symbol in the Star of David is not the six-pointed star itself, but the hexagon that is created by the intersection of the two triangles. In Axel's design the hexagon is not apparent, so he used hexagon bushings to secure the glass top of Bo Biddley.

When the client requested that he deliver the pieces on time, Axel told him that the only way that wouldn't be possible is if something terrible happened. The week before the deadline, his grandfather passed away. Although he was grieving and spending time mourning with family, Axel was still able to keep his promise, 'my grandfather taught me to keep my word.'