KOMODO ART DESIGN Monday 02 Jul 2012

Mimo Coral, presented by Komodo Art Design, a design enterprise, run by three sisters and based in Milan, Italy and Paris France, is a 2012 creation.

Its innovation and originality stands out not only in form, design, and attention to detail, but also for the versatile qualities it conveys. Made entirely of plexiglas, Mimo Coral takes life in any given environment. It is translucent and effemeral essence merges with an interior and exterior life while retaining the unique and original features intrinsic to its shape.

The dimension 40x40 cm is ideal for small spaces, yet attracts attention and is a fulcre of interest in large settings. Mimo Coral is a multi-functional design object. It defies the conventional terminolgy of table, chair, and can be used in plurial ways depending on need. The lightness of the object makes it easy to move thus facilitating this multi-use quality.

In designing the work, considerable thought has been given to the sustainabilty of Mimo Coral. Mimo Coral is a self-assembled piece, as such, the volume of packaging has been reduced by over 80%. This aspect of the design is not only cost effective when dealing with transportation but is an added value to its viability .

If the future of furniture is to envision a sustainable, commercially viable, functional, and versatile object while striving for originality and beauty in form, than Mimo Coral is part of it.