Atmosphere Contracts & Design Monday 02 Jul 2012

Omega Workwall creates free-standing, executive environments in open-plan spaces as a stylish alternative to the conventional cellular office.

Completely self-supporting, it requires no wall fixing and can be re-located if required for workspace flexibility. Workwall's elegant appearance belies its load-bearing strength and stability, even when single-sided. Omega Workwall is the product of a close collaboration between British designers Wills Watson & Associates and British manufacturers Atmosphere Contracts & Design.

It extends the scope of the existing Omega range beyond a table system into a complete personal office with integrated storage, cable management and lighting. The design responds to the need for an executive solution for the open-plan office to enhance internal communications and productivity, whilst retaining the privacy, personal space and storage associated with the cellular office. With two different wall heights, numerous storage configurations and a choice of finishes to suit the user, the interior and the budget, the Workwall system creates a vibrant and interesting office landscape.

The free-standing design of the product means that it does not interfere with the fabric of the building or compromise the heating, lighting, or fire suppression. The integrated LEDs are independently operated to allow each workspace to be beautifully and efficiently illuminated. Omega Workwall has been sustainably designed with longevity as a core principle. The strength and integrity of the design mean that the structural elements of the product are guaranteed for life.

The adaptability of the design allows it to be re-configured and re-located with removable surfaces and wall panels that can be re-finished or updated, delivering a product that can accommodate restructures in the working environment whilst keeping pace with changing interior trends. Omega Workwall delivers an uncompromising answer for executive working styles in the open-plan.

Designed by Wills Watson & Associates

Manufactured by Atmosphere Contracts & Design

Rendering by iflow3d