David Pidcock Monday 02 Jul 2012

SAN stool was developed as a commercial quality stacking stool, primarily targeted towards the hospitality market.

Additionally, SAN was developed to complement the highly successfully Filament table (released 2011). This fresh design balances an intriguing form against an informed use of material and processes used in its construction. The unique geometry of SAN was developed with close collaboration with manufacturers to optimise the design to suit the sheet metal fabrication process. As a result, much of the intrinsic beauty of the piece is derived from the pure simplicity of it construction.

SAN consists of three identical primary components to form the legs and seating surface of the stool. These components are laser cut from sheet aluminium, folded to shape and powder coated (available in a range of colours). The units are then assembled with stainless steel fasteners.

SAN is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It stacks easily and is extremely lightweight (under 3kgs). Every stool features a set of replaceable custom rubberised-polyurethane feet (also available in a range of colours). These feet function to protect the stools when stacked and protect any surface upon which the stools are used.

Sustainable design principles have been employed in the design of SAN. The unique design achieves exceptional structural integrity with a relatively light gauge of untreated aluminium. This has kept embodied process-energy low as well as ensuring the finished product has a low physical weight. The use of fasteners in the construction allows the product to be shipped in an extremely efficient format. Additionally, it accommodates refinishing of panels if damaged and material segregation for end-of-life recycling. The primary construction material is 100% recyclable aluminium.

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David Pidcock

David Pidcock is a designer-maker based in Sydney, Australia. In 2005 David graduated in Industrial Design with first class honours from the University of Canberra. Since completing his studies David has worked in a diverse range of design roles in fields including street furniture, playground equipment, consumer products and medical devices. Since debuting his first commercial furniture piece in 2009, David has been building a range of pieces across the product, furniture and lighting categories. David's work carries a distinct aesthetic that balances an elegance of form with a calculated application of materials and processes. David's work has been featured in a range of local and inernational exhibitions including London Design Festival (2011), Workshopped (2009,2010,2011), Launch Pad (2010), Fringe Furniture - Melbourne (2010), The Australian International Furniture Fair (2010,2011) and Vivid, Furnitex (2010).

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