Zoeftig LTD Thursday 28 Jun 2012

inFINITE is a waiting area seating system designed primarily for passenger terminals and intercontinental airports.

From the outset Zoeftig intended that inFINITE should be a unique and truly groundbreaking product that would take airport seating forward and set Zoeftig apart from and ahead of its competitors. It was also our intention to depart from the `engineered` look of products in this market and develop a more elegant and visually resolved solution.

Our initial research identified that the modern airport environment was no longer static and as a result required a seating system that could be reconfigured throughout its lifetime. This insight allowed us to develop the world's first truly modular, infinitely reconfigurable airport seating system. This was achieved by replacing the traditional beam based solution in favour of individual structural chassis for each seat/table place. This has resulted in the total standardisation of parts, unrivalled flexibility, limitless row lengths and a more refined & visually resolve product. Replacing the beam in favour of a linked chassis was a major technical challenge in terms of achieving the required structural strength and cost effective manufacturing. After considerable CAD development, Zoeftig took the uncommon decision to commission a fully functional prototype chassis tool before bringing the product to market. This innovative, informative, and highly tooled route has also allowed Zoeftig to significantly reduce production costs, improve quality, work to shorter lead times, facilitates production runs from the hundreds to the tens of thousands, retain manufacturing of inFINITE in the UK and in its first year doubled our company output.

The ground breaking nature of inFINITE meant that it could only be realised using the latest CAD techniques and leading edge materials & manufacturing processes. It's the first product in this market sector to use injection moulded, metal replacement engineering polymers for all of its structural components. Injection moulded parts require no secondary finishing process (usually painting or electroplating), reducing environmental harm and improving the products recyclability. In the development of this product we adopted a design for disassembly ethos which was central to the design in terms of both its modularity and the ability to recover and recycle components.

We believe we've achieved our objectives, as inFINITE is now winning some of the world's largest airport seating contracts; only three months after the official inFINITE production launch Zoeftig secured it largest ever order with a 17,000 seat installation in Asia.