Normann Copenhagen Friday 22 Jun 2012

The decorative wall clock Watch Me, designed by RasmusGottliebsen, has now been launched in three new colours: pink, green and blue.

The inspiration for the three new colours was taken from the block colours of the fashion world, which Normann Copenhagen now brings into the interior design sphere. Watch Me is a simple and graphic wall clock with a distinctive shape that brings timeless appreciation for colour into the home.

Watch Me is inspired by a colour swatch, that forms a fan when the colours are folded out. Time passes, whatever we do, but Watch Me adds colour to the various times.

Rasmus tells us: "Watch Me isn't about telling you the exact time, but more about an idea of time - a time colour. You experience different moods, depending on the minute, hour, day or year. This is a humorous and colourful wall clock that provides the space for you to live life to the full."

The new Watch Me colours will be ticking away in shops the world over during summer 2012.

Colours: Multi-coloured, pink, green, blue
Size: D28.5cm
Material: Steel