Trove Friday 22 Jun 2012

The Vivid Collection, a delicate and dynamic study of colour and movement, is the newest partner launch from KnollTextiles.

Dorothy Cosonas, Creative Director of KnollTextiles, worked with Trove designers Jee Levin and Randall Buck to create wallcoverings with the distinctly Trove vocabulary. The result of this collaboration is three richly coloured patterns: Swerve, Sway and Swoosh - the newest additions to KnollTextiles' long history of innovative design partnerships.

"Knoll has been working with outside designers throughout its history, and Trove adds a fresh perspective to the line," says Cosonas. "The Vivid Collection brings an artistic approach and full spectrum of colour to wallcovering for KnollTextiles."

Jee Levin and Randall Buck regard the wall as an open canvas. Thus, the genesis for the Vivid Collection is a series of paintings that bring the gestural and tactile elements of painting to the world of wallcovering. Swoosh, Sway, and Swerve bend colour so that it flares and lingers, capturing a range of vivid hues, from orange and persimmon to plum, yellow and aqua. The Vivid Wallcovering Collection by Trove for KnollTextiles brings an element of art to interiors.

All three patterns are printed onto an innovative non-vinyl Type II substrate, which is new to the contract marketplace. It is composed of 69% cellulose and polyester, and 31% recycled polyester. This fabric also meets California Section IAQ 01350, which includes procedures to ensure good indoor air quality, and is certified by Berkeley Analytical Associates.

Swerve is a study of the hand in motion, which expresses the velocity of color through a twist of the wrist and a reach of the hand. For the Swerve pattern, Buck and Levin created a series of paintings to illustrate the concept of color in motion, how the colours blend at various rates of speed. Buck's paintings were made at slower rates while Levin's were made at deliberately rapid rates. The contrast of both speeds is essential to this pattern. The gesture references the metaphysical action involved with painting. 5 colorways, $54/yard

Trove's use of geometry has always referenced nature's organic and imperfect interruption of the mechanical or automatic. Sway is a study of the sustained movement of one gesture to create geometry. For this pattern, Buck and Levin experimented using time as a measure for creating each painting. They would create paintings at varied units of time using stopwatches so that each line was a visual record of each measurement. This particular pattern had an element of performance in its creation. 6 colorways, $54/yard

Swoosh is a study of the freedom of movement in one singular gesture. It is a celebration of the whimsical both in colour and in reference to the hand in flight. Birds are one of the most classical motifs in the history of wallcovering. For this pattern, Buck and Levin wanted to make the connection between birds in flight and the human spirit in flight. They did this by creating paintings that express the feeling of lift off for flight. 4 colourways, $54/yard

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Founded in New York City, Trove is led by Jee Levin and Randall Buck, who are both accomplished artists and the creative force behind the brand’s ingenious concepts; All of Trove’s products are eco-friendly and recyclable. Levin and Buck’s work is a clever interpretation of the simple, yet fascinating beauty of our environment.

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