GUBI Thursday 14 Jun 2012

The latest take on a classic design from the GamFratesi and Gubi partnership is the Masculo dining chair. The dining chair is characterised by its Danish elegance and simplicity, combined with Italian refinement and humour.

The distinctive, expressive backrest expresses an almost aggressive masculinity, while the slender supporting metal frame simultaneously embraces sophisticated, quasi-feminine detailing.

For GamFratesi, it is important that the overall concept of their designs is retained throughout the lengthy design and industrialisation process. At the same time, quality and detailing are key considerations. GamFratesi designs furniture that is functional, atypical and dynamic - pieces that are practical to use in everyday situations and can be integrated easily within their surroundings. Moreover, GamFratesi exercises an unusually in-depth approach in their work processes, which perfectly matches Gubi's high regard for quality.

"As designers we value ‘slowness'. Sometimes it is important not to rush things through. Design can lose quality if the deadlines are too short," says Stine Gam, adding: "The Masculo chair is a good example of a project which took a long time because every detail had to be right."

The Masculo chair won The Good Design Award 20111.