Desai Chia Architecture Friday 08 Jun 2012

The Recess Lav maximizes the concept of living well in small spaces. It offers an integrated, seamless, multi-functional sink / backsplash / storage unit with a distinctive design sensibility.

The Recess Lav can be recessed into a standard wall cavity without any additional build-out. This unique concept has a significant impact on the available space in a small bathroom since it minimises the projection of the sink to a mere 30 cm. Integrated plumbing connections are engineered into the concealed cavities of the unit and allow the fixture to be easily installed.

The Recess Lav's resin construction is extremely durable; since the unit has an integrated resin backsplash there is no need for additional tiling or water protection on the wall. Simple anchoring connections allow the unit to be easily installed in a framed opening.

The backsplash and counter are fused to the sink basin so water can easily be contained. The soap dish is integrated into the counter in an elegant, minimal way; it can be removed for easy cleaning.

The faucet control is conveniently located on the face of the unit and is easily accessible for adults and children as well as users with disabilities.
Overall size: 60 cm (w) x 116 cm (h) x 45 cm (d) (when recessed, the sink's projection from the wall is reduced to 30 cm)

Sink basin size: 39 cm x 38 cm x 9 cm (d)

Interior medicine cabinet depth: 13.5 cm, clear