Sancal Wednesday 06 Jun 2012

The shapely ash tree wooden legs of this soft sofa inspire the name of a design that pays homage to old cafe theatres.

Also worth highlighting about the Copla - its soft shapes and plump cushions. The design originates from the will to create a sofa with comfortable cushions and slim wooden legs. The cushions are joined together at the legs, which keep them together, making the inner structure extremely light. This creates a sofa that is delicate and soft all over.

Copla is a modular sofa designed to provide warmth and real comfort. It stands out from the typical stiffness of other public furniture items. Its soft look ensures it's not overlooked for more domestic spaces either.

The lightness of the Copla stems from its 21 cm long legs. Also, the absence of an outer structure means, in general, smaller measurements. Two different arms, three armchairs, 12 sofas, nine different modules and one angle, allow tweaking this sofa to suit different needs.

The visible, ‘Flamenco' style legs of the Copla can be stained in classic wood colours or in new vibrant colours.

Copla's designer, Rafa Garcia, is an essential member of Sancal's creative design team.

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People are at the core of Sancal’s ethos: they create for, and are thankful to, the discerning customer. Their premise is to design products which go forward, which convey value and allow us to create singular spaces. Sancal aims to enhance our habitat with enjoyable products, a product designed with care; progeny of a venture conceived with dedication.

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