Calia Italia Tuesday 22 May 2012

Funky and Blues is the new contemporary sofa of unparalleled comfort, which makes up the Urbana Collection by Calia Italia.

Funky is made of many squared units, enriched by borders. Funky allows the planning of flexible spaces, that are customised according to the taste and the mood in vogue.

Wide and cosy, Funky has a metal mechanism that can be manually activated to move the back, thus enjoying a larger seat depth.

This new sofa is made with ethnic fabrics and the coverings are completely removable. Funky boasts esthetical details of great value that confirm the craftsmanship heart of this product, based on the idea of an easy and elegant design.

The distinctive feature of Blues is the distinguishing back, high and fascinating, that can be modified with a simple gesture, thanks to the two flexible tubular bars inside the padding that allow the sofa to be fixed in endless positions, according to varying comfort needs.

Blues transforms into a comfortable duck feather alcove, a place to be lived in absolute freedom. Furthermore, for a complete pleasure, the Sound version is equipped with two speakers and a Bluetooth transmitter that allow music to be listened in complete relaxation.

Playful and amusing thanks also to the multicolored covering available, Blues is a real shape-shifter that gives a room character with a breezy elegance.