JOYCE WANG INC. Thursday 17 May 2012

Designed for the event spaces that demand functionality, flexibility and the utmost luxury.

Inspired by 60's perception of space travel, Toothy is a mouthful of modular upholstered chairs that reference a space-age furniture silhouette. It's fit for hosting battleship tactic discussions between the captain and crew, as much as it is conducive to modern day social-conferencing.

Toothy is a one-off piece designed for a sought-after events venue in Los Angeles. Since the venue hosted fashion shows, product launches, video screenings, celebrity parties, we decided to create a luxury modular seating system that can be easy put together or dissembled for the most flexible use of space. Each 'tooth' is fully upholstered in caramel colored cowhide and then inset into an oil-rubbed bronze base. Once clasped together, it is a seating system that offers a sense of enclosure and privacy for its guests. When viewed from the back, toothy stands out as a sculptural element in the space owing to its contrasting material combination and definitive silhouette.

WANG is a design studio based in Hong Kong founded by designer Joyce Wang. This one-off piece was designed for a hospitality project in Los Angeles in collaboration with Hun Aw and Olollo Inc.