en&is studio Wednesday 16 May 2012

MegaPhone is a passive amplifier made of ceramic for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The MegaPhone amplifier transmits sound without using electricity and is the ideal device for listening to music without headphones or for making hands-free phone calls and fits easily into any environment, indoor and outdoor.

MegaPhone was designed, developed, and produced entirely in Italy.

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en&is studio

en&is was born of a collaboration between Enrico Bosa, product and interior designer, and Isabella Lovero, product and jewelery designer. Both graduated in Industrial Design from Milano Politecnico, specializing in product design. In 2004 they began working on design in Milan at the international offices of Luca Trazzi, Stefano Giovannoni, Sector Group, and Swarovski Internazionale d’Italia where they were responsible for large-scale projects of interior design, home furniture accessories, and other accessories. The firm’s activities started in 2007, ranging from market analysis to defining concepts, to project engineering, and graphic design analysis of media for launching products to the market. Their approach to projects is aimed at creating poetic objects that tell something to those who observe them, creating a little magic with their designs so as to make every room, place, or environment an enjoyable place to be. They believe that every object which is able to draw a smile contains within it a little spell and so has a reason to exist in a market already overflowing with objects.