Deon Wednesday 09 May 2012

The Rosa OTT chair is inspired by natural forms, movement, colours and vibrancy.

An aesthetically romantic chair with an element of wit and playfulness about it, Rosa OTT designed by Deon J Ludeman, is a combination of machine produced and custom hand finished elements combined in one unique design. Blending intricate sculptural qualities with functionality, Ludeman designed Rosa OTT as
a decorative object designed to have a strong impact. The chair benefits from a simple structure; there are no joints, bolts, screws, welds or connectors, as it is made using just one piece of flat metal.

The shape of the chair has been laser cut from a sheet of aluminium, while the chair back bends to form a gentle curve. Rosa OTT is the result of an incredible amount of work - it has been painted by hand in vibrant colours using colour enamel paint, and no less than 2,000 coloured Swarovski crystals have been painstakingly applied to provide colour, texture and radiance.